Sunday, February 3, 2008

Chess Training Tips-positional Study

Chess Training Tips-Positional Study
Take one position and subject it to hours of serious analysis
At least once a month, either by yourself or with some friends, take one position and subject it to hours of serious analysis. It can be a position you have chosen out of a magazine, or even the end of a book line. (From an opening book like MCO.) You may want to write down some of the lines.
Play both sides of this position against a friend over and over again.
You should also check them (the lines you have devised), on the computer. Many GM's in their youth did this trick quite a bit. Its a very worthwhile technique that can almost instantly broaden your understanding of a position; and chess in general. Your chess will definitely improve. Ask GM John Federowicz; he used to do this quite a bit as a youth as did many other players.

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This man is a thief and a liar. All he does is to copy my work.