Sunday, February 3, 2008

Chess Training Tips-Master the Opening

Chess Training Tips-Master the Opening
For any student trying to learn an opening, the following advice is a very good way to do it. What I suggest you do is: you should pick say 20 GM decisive games of your favorite variation. Play over all 20 in a row, but alternate it with a game White won, then a game Black won.
This is one of my very own secret teaching techniques that I have not shared with very many people over the years
But it is an excellent technique, and will help you to master an opening better than any other method I have come across.
Try to pick out just ONE thing each game taught you or the one aspect that stands out for you for each game. It does not have to be an earth-shattering revelation, but just something that is significant to you.
You could get these games from virtually any on-line database, ChessBase is
probably your best source for on-line games. They have one of the better collections, in terms of the number of games and weeding out errors. They also have the fewest doubles


Anonymous said...

Salam Bro,
Apa khabar? Dok kat mana laa ni? Still play badminton?

IMEN-UKM MSc 2002-2005(remember??)

A.J. Goldsby I said...

This indibidual has done nothing more than copy my work, and post it as though it was his own.

For the originals, see:

A.J. Goldsby I said...

This man is a thief and a liar. All he does is to copy my work.

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