Sunday, February 3, 2008

Chess Training Tips-Master the EndGame

Chess Training Tips-Master the EndGame
How long are you going to be only half-way competent at the endings? How long are you going to let those full and precious half-points slip away?
Come on, you know what I am talking about. All those blown King and Pawn end-games. Those games with the Rook-and-Pawn endings that just got completely away from you. If only you had known the technique in that B+P ending!
Do I really need to go on?
You have been playing in tournaments for a while now. You get good positions. Your tactics are pretty good. But things always seem to sort of slip through your fingers in the endgame. The solution? Buy a bunch of books on the ending and then study the mess out of them.
Some recommendations
• The BEST book, dollar for dollar is Reinfeld's, "The Complete Chess-Player."
• And of course, since you have visited my "Best Books" Page, you know that Silman's book, "How To Re-Assess Your Chess," is the finest instructional book ever written. So you already have that book and are in the process of learning it too.
• After you have studied the endings in that book, you should go out and study Yasser Seirawan's, "Winning Chess Endings."
• A book you could also get is Bruce Pandolfini's, "Pandolfini's Endgame Course."
• And when you get done with those, you could try to work your way through R. Fine's, "Basic Chess Endings." (A REALLY THICK book!!)
• And then you could maybe graduate to the ECO series on the Endgames.
All this would only take you a minimum of five years, (to really do it right) so you had better get started now.


A.J. Goldsby I said...

All this person is doing is posting my training tips, as though he wrote them.

A.J. Goldsby I said...

This man is a thief and a liar. All he does is to copy my work.