Sunday, February 3, 2008

Chess Training Tips-Get some chess software for your PC

Chess Training Tips-Get some chess software for your PC
Get some chess software for your PC or buy a small chess-playing computer
I have already talked about playing regularly against strong opposition
This is very important, and is a point that is overlooked by dozens of chess coaches today. Go to, and get Chess Advantage The program, Maurice Ashley Teaches Chess is the finest chess-teaching vehicle anywhere, and I will personally guarantee it will raise your rating ... especially if you are 1400 or below. You can also get this program from The U.S. Chess Federation, or from GreenBay CD's. You also get Chess- Master 4000, Combat Chess and GM Chess Ultra when you get this 2 CD-ROM set. Then go to, and get Fritz6 and/or ChessBase 8.0
If you really want to get better, do what I do - thoroughly annotate your games; especially your tournament games. While you are entering your games into the computer in ChessBase, run Fritz as an analysis engine. See how many tactics you missed. This tip alone is guaranteed to raise your rating by at least 100 points no matter what your rating is today.
Many players have access or already have a very powerful chess computer. But few (or none) use this tremendous resource intelligently. Most will dumb-down or handicap the computer and then show their friends a game they won. This is ludicrous and a huge waste of time.
I recommend that you use the computer to do the following:
21. Play regular training games against the computer at FULL strength
22. Use the computer to analyze these games AND to analyze your tournament games. You will be surprised at the literally DOZENS of times you missed a tactic
23. I have not met a lower-rated player yet who does not have a "Problem Line" - a line that is book, but they don't understand it or they lose consistently with it - yet I have met or heard of few players that will analyze this game on their computer. And when we do it together, inevitably they will find improvements or ideas they had not considered before
This self-discovery method is one of the greatest teaching tools I know.

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